Ronnie Cutrone
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River Rats Opening Night
June 19th 2004, Peekskill, NY

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, Billy Name and Ronnie Cutrone

"Felix Pawn" in the window

"Smacks", "Corn Flakes" and "Pops"

Marilyn Cookies

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders in front of
"Christopher Walken", "Tyvek House" and "Dennis Hopper"

Standing from Left: Joop Sanders, Billy Name, Ronnie Cutrone, Mike Starn, Isca Greenfield-Sanders, Sebastian Blanck
front from left: Christopher Carnabuci, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

Paula Carnabuci, Karen Grant and John Bennet

Michael Ricardo Andreev

Michael Ricardo Andreev and Richard Butler

Paris Starn and Mike Starn

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

Sophia Carnabuci

Michael Ricardo Andreev, Sophia Carnabuci and Ronnie Cutrone

"Blue Plane" and "Blue Cross"

Michael Ricardo Andreev and Joop Sanders

Richard Butler and Michael Ricardo Andreev
in front of "Astronaut's Wife"