Ronnie Cutrone
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Ronnie Cutrone Biography
1948 - 2013 New York, NY

Education: 1966-70, School of Visual Arts
1972-82 Andy Warhol's art assistant

One Man exhibitions:
Live performances & installations, Mudd Club, NYC
Performance/Installation, Robert Freidus gallery, NYC
Sculpture, White Columns gallery, NYC
Lucio Amelio gallery, Naples (Italy)
Tony Shafrazi gallery, NYC
1983 Rotterdam Arts Council, Gallerie T'Venster, (Holland)
Tony Shafrazi gallery, NYC
Salvatore Ala gallery, Milan (Italy)
Tony Shafrazi gallery, NYC
Tony Shafrazi gallery, NYC
Summer Party Watercolors, The Purple Barge, NYC
Tony Shafrazi gallery, NYC
Gallerie Barbara Farber, Amsterdam (Holland)
Salvatore Ala gallery, Milan (Italy)
Robert Berman gallery, Los Angeles
Markus Gallery, Las Vegas
Saatchi & Saatchi, NYC
Tamara Bane Gallery, Los Angeles
Shelf Life Exhibitions:
Martin Lawrence modern gallery, NYC, May
Martin Lawrence Gallery, Los Angeles, June
Martin Lawrence Pentagon Gallery, Washington D.C., November
Martin Lawrence Gallery, New Jersey, December
Love-Spit-Love, Live Nude Installation, Simon Watson Gallery, NYC
Raffaelli Studio d'arte. Trento (Italy)
"New York", Galleria II Capricorno, Venice (Italy)
Birdbath, Club U.S.A., NYC
Associazione Culturale Contemporanea, Milan (Italy)
Ronnie Cutrone "Archangels", Gallery Cotthem (Belgium)
"Computer Love / Going for Baroque", Special Projects International, NYC
Lorenzellli Arte, Milan (Italy)
Gallerie Wabermann, Munich (Germany)
"The SuperModel Project", Digital Canvas, Amsterdam (Holland)
Commissioned portraits of sport and television celebrities
Rinaldo Rotta Gallery, "Flags and Quilts", Genoa (Italy)
Trimarchi Arte Moderna, Bologna (Italy)
Cabaret Live Performance, Venues, NYC (Siren, Joe's Pub, Lot 61)
Lorenzellli Arte, "Tataboo", Milan (Italy)
"Kids are us/I bambini siamo noi", Galleria Civica di Arte Contemporanea, Trento, Italy
"If Cartoons Could Paint", Putignano Arte, Noci (Bari, Italy)
"Landscapes, Lies and Lollipops", Casola Gallery, Peekskill, NY

"The Joan Rivers Show", Love-Spit-Love, April, 1991
"The Phil Donohue Show", Love-Spit-Love, May, 1991
"Al Goldstein's Midnight Blue", Love-Spit-Love, September, 1991
"Birdbath" Video, April, 1994
"The Joan Rivers Show", Love-Spit-Love, April, 1991
"America's Talking", CNBC, "Synaesthesia", March, 1995
"ABC News", "Old Glory" - The America Flag in contemporary art, 1996
"A+E Biography - Warhol", 1998
"American Masters" - PBS, "Lou Reed - Rock and roll Heart" 1998
"Andy Warhol: The Complete Picture", World of Wonder, 2002

Books and Catalogues:
Champions, NYC 1983, catalogue (Tony Shafrazi)
Comic Art by John Carlin & Sheena Wagstaff (Whitney Museum)
New Image/Pattern & Decoration, The Morton Newmann Family
Kalamazoo Institution of Arts, 1983
Visions of Childhood, March 28 - May 11, 1984 (Whitney)
Easter at the White House, 1984 Presidential Catalogue
Little Arena; Drawings and Sculptures from the collection ; Adri, Martin Geertjan Visser, 1984
Illuminations: The Watercolors of Ronnie Cutrone, 1984
Ronnie Cutrone: Paintings, 1985
New Used & Improved: Art in the 80's by Peter Frank & Michael McKenzie, 1987, Abbeville. Book Cover & Animated video opener
Comic Iconoclasm, Sheena Wagstaff, ICA London, 1987
Avante-Garde in the 80's, by Howard N. Fox, L.A. Country Museum of Art, 1987
Terrae Motus, Guida Editori, Naples (Italy), 1987
50 Artists/50 Flags, Gran Pavese, he Flag Project by Peter Frank, Therese Legierse and Umberto Barbieri, 1988
Hommage Demontage by Uli Bohnen, 1988
Shelf Life; Ronnie Cutrone, Martin Lawrence Limited Editions, 1990
Pop Art: A Continuing History by Marco Livingstone, Thames and Hudson, 1990
Art=Money, Catalogue, Achille Bonita Oliva, 1990
"Ronnie Cutrone Watercolors" Studio d/arte Raffaelli, 1991
"Cocart", Arte Contemporanea, 1992
"Ronnie Cutrone Watercolors" Associazione Culturale Contemporanea, Milan, 1994
"Old Glory" - The America Flag in contemporary art", Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art, 1994
"Archangles" Gallery otthem, Belgium, 1994
"Synaesthesia", curated and designed by Cutrone, Mary Anthony Galleries, NYC, 1995
"Ronnie Cutrone - Paintings", Lorenzelli Arte, Milan, 1995
"American Graffiti", Museum Catalogue for Rome and Naples Exhibition, 1997
"Andy Warhol - A Factory", Guggenheim Museum Catalogue
"Images we love - Popular art in America" By Michael McKenzie, Fotofolio books/American image books, 2003
"Work" art in progress, 2003
"DormiceŠ" collaboration catalogue, 2003
"Tataboo - Apostles, Superheroes, Ice-Cream, Crosses and Explosions", Lorenzelli Arte, Milan, 2003

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Selected Public and Private Collections:
Whitney Museum of Art, New York
Museum of Modern Art, New York
Boysmans Van Beuningen Museum, Rotterdam, Holland
Rudolf Zwirner, Koln, Germany
Morton G. Neumann Family Collection, Chicago
Groninger Museum, Groningen, Holland
Chase Manhattan Bank, New York
Ludwig Museum, Cologne, Germany
Cindy Crawford
Elle MacPherson
Naomi Campbell
Claudia Schiffer
San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art
Mar. Martin Z. Margulies, Florida
The Eli Broad Family Foundations, Los Angeles
Los Angeles County Museum, Los Angeles
Peter Brant Collection
Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York

Selected Group Exhibitions:
Richard Feigen Gallery, NYC
Central Park Outdoor Sculpture Show, NYC
Museum of Modern Art, "Information", NYC
Liciano Anselmino Gallery, Milan (Italy)
Nivaeu Gallery, NYC
Annina Nosei Gallery, NYC
PS 1, NYC "New York/New Wave"
Patrick Verelst Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
Patterson Museum, NJ "Response To Nuclear Peril"
PS 1, NYC "Animal Imagery"
Tony Shafrazi Gallery, NYC "Champions"
Gallery Fernando Vijande, Madrid (Spain)
Fay Gold Gallery, Atlanta "Champions"
Kalamazoo Institute of Art, "Motron Neumann Collection"
Monique Knowlton Gallery, NYC, "Intoxication"
Tony Shafrazi Gallery, NYC "Paintings, Sculpture & 3D"
Whitney Museum (Downtown), NYC "Comic Art"
Terminal Show, Brooklyn, New York
Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston
Salvatore Ala Gallery, Milan (Italy)
Greenville County Museum of Art, "From the Streets"
Danceteria, NYC "I Don't Go Out Much Anymore"
Kamakazi, NYC "Curated by Cookie Mueller"
Martin Visser Gallery, (Holland)
Institute of Contemporary Art, Naples (Italy)
Studio Cerrieri, Martina Franca (Italy)
Salvatore Ala Gallery, Milan (Italy)
Vox Populi, NYC
Aperto 84, Venice Biennale (Italy)
North Store, NYC
Gallerie Barbara Farber, Amsterdam (Holland)
Whitney Museum (Downtown), "Visions of Childhood"
Tony Shafrazi Gallery, NYC
Pizza-a-Go-Go, New York "Halloween Show"
Galleria "Gruppo 102" San Marino (Italy)
The White House, Washington, D.C. "Easter Egg Show"
Group Material, NYC
B-Side Gallery, NYC
Castelli Graphics, NYC "Drawing Show"
Gallerie Barbara Farber, Amsterdam, Holland "Waterworks"
Bologna Galleire of Modern Art, (Italy) "The 80's"
High Museum of Art, Atlanta "Impressions of New Wave"
Kamikaze, NYC "American Occult"
Blackbird, NYC "Homage to America"
Eastman Wahmendorf Gallery, NYC, "Visions"
Area, NYC
Ronald Feldman Gallery, NYC "Fashion Moda"
B-Side Gallery, NYC
Luhring, Augustine & Hoges Gallery, NYC "Watercolors"
Springfield Art Museum, "Watercolor USA 1986"
Galerie Barbara Farber, "Art Contemporain Fimbaud", (France)
Arts Dolores Ormandy Neumann, NYC, "Illuminations"
Ronald Feldman Gallery, NYC
Fashion Moda, Bronx, New York "Six Giants"
Whitney Museum, NYC "Sacred Images in Secular Art"
Haggerty Museum of Art, "Romantician & Cynician"
Thomas Cohn Gallery, (Brazil)
American Image Gallery, NYC
L.A County Museum, "Avante Garde in the 80's"
Institute of Contemporary Arts, London (England)
Kass Meridian Gallery, Cutrone/Warhol, Chicago
Gran Pavese, "The Flag Project", Public exhibition throughout Europe
Wilhelm-Heck Museum; Ludwigshafen am Rhein, "Homage Demontage", six museums throughout Europe 1990
Auction for Action, ACT UP, Paula Cooper Gallery, NYC
Neo Pop; Martin Lawrence Modern Gallery, NYC
Freedom of Expression, Palace De Beaute, NYC
Liora Manne Gallery, NYC
Art=Money, The Gallery, NYC
Important Artists in the Eighties, Ho Gallery World Art, Hong Kong
Art=Money, Horwitch Gallery, Scotsdala, Arizona
Art=Money, Hokin Gallery, Miami, Florida
Art=Money, Riposati Gallery, Rome, Italy
Neo Pop; Martin Lawrence Modern Gallery, NYC
Pop Art - London's Royal Academy, England
TRUE LOVE and other stories, Gallery Stendhal, NYC
Hokin Gallery, Miami, Florida
"Pop on Paper" - ARTE - Javits Center, NYC
"Art Around the Park" - Tompkins Square Park, NYC
"Reverb" - Horodner-Romley Gallery, NYC
"Graf/X" - Bess Cutler Gallery, NYC
"Xenographia" - Nomadic Wall" - Venice Biennale, (Italy)
Art - In, On & Out of the Bag - Nevada Institution for Contemporary Art
Pop Art - Then & Now - David Leonardis Gallery, Chicago
"Influential Works in the 90's", Hobbs Gallery, Boston
"Old Glory: The American Flag in Contemporary Art", Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art, Ohio
"The Wall", Woodstock
"Synaesthesia", Curated by Cutrone, Mary Anthony Galleries, NYC
"American Graffiti", Rome and Naples Museum
Pop International Galleries, NYC
"American Graffiti", San Paulo Museum
"Andy Warhol - A Factory", Selected German Museums, Traveling to the Guggenheim Museum in the Year 2000
Installation, 7th Floor, The Gershwin Hotel, NYC
Artefiera '98 Bologna, (Italy)
Curitiba, Belo Horizonte, Bahia, Rio De Janeiro, San Paulo
"Pittura Dura", Palazzo Bricherasio, Torino (Italy)
"Ronnie Cutrone and Jim Dine", Museum of San Martimo Valle Caudina
"Kids are us/I bambini siamo noi", Galleria Civica di Arte Contemporanea, Trento, Italy
"River Rats", Casola Gallery, Peekskill, NY
"East Village asu", B-Side Gallery, New York, NY
"Vintage East Village", Hal Bromm Gallery, New York NY